The Very Best Natural Painkiller That Grows In Your Backyard!


It is so widespread that we’re seeing a significant outbreak with opiate dependency. Unfortunately, with numerous needing to locate relief, it is resulting in a huge part of our population getting reliant on a compound bandage, frequently only masking the issue, instead of fixing the origin.

Regrettably, it is becoming so prevalent that the medical area perspective a lot of those in actual demand as “seekers”.So, rather than getting relief from real pain, people are turned off. Because of this, they’re discovering it, and pain therapies and rehabs are popping up around, attempting to fight the dependence.

The Very Best Natural Painkiller That Grows In Your Backyard!3
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Lactuca Virosa is the scientific term for this, and a lot of individuals have utilized it in area of prescription pain medication. It is a tall and leafy plant, with little yellowish buds, and may be grown out your door. Additionally, it is known as bitter lettuce, or more suitably for the purpose mentioned here, opium lettuce.

Wild Lettuce as a Healthy Alternative

The main reason it is known as opium lettuce, is on account of this pain relieving and sedative effects which it’s been proven to make by means of a white substance found in the stem and also leaves.This sterile material is known as lactucarium.

And, although it does not include any opiates, it’s unwanted side effects when properly used it acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to decrease the sensation of pain, exactly like morphine.Even although it is apparently the best kept secret, it’s a history of being used alternatively to pain relief.

The Very Best Natural Painkiller That Grows In Your Backyard!3
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Historical Use

Back in the 19th century, wild lettuce was already being used by some as a substitute for opium. But, it was from the 70’s that it started to gain significant popularity by those needing a more natural remedy. Folks were beginning to use it to both pain relief, as well as recreational purpose.In the earlier days, individuals using wild lettuce prepared it a few different ways.

One way was to nourish the plant in a pan of water and sugar mix, until it decreased to a thick syrup-like consistency. While this was a powerful form, it had been quite bitter even with all the sugar added. The most common type nonetheless, was drying the leaves and stem to use as an herbal tea.The tea remains popular now. But, it’s also being dried for smoking, or vaporizing. If you don’t care to expand it yourself, it may also be purchased as a dried herb, extract, or resin substance.

The Very Best Natural Painkiller That Grows In Your Backyard!3
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Other Benefits

Here are the more popular reasons people are gravitating towards this natural pain killer and medicinal plant:

– Migraines
People who use it for this purpose claim that they experience fewer migraines than they did prior to starting the herb.
– Insomnia
A frequent use of wild lettuce is by people who have trouble sleeping. It produces a relaxed and euphoric feeling, helping a person fall asleep easier, without the addictive qualities of commonly prescribed sleeping aids.
– Anxiety
Wild lettuce can act as a mild sedative, allowing people with anxiety to find a reprieve from the stress it causes.
– Asthma and Cough
Wild lettuce has antitussive properties, which alleviates or suppresses a cough. Also, asthmatic patients who have used opiates notice more episodes if they go through opiate withdrawal. So, the use of wild lettuce instead of prescription opiates, could be a better option for them.

In addition to the above benefits, wild lettuce produces a euphoric state, similar to opiates, even though it does not contain any actual opiate… so it’s perfectly legal.

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  1. I have tried this. I ought a bottle of capsules from the health food store. It really does kill the pain!! The only draw back is it makes you very sleepy during the day time.


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