Here Is How To Prepare Cherokee ‘Mullein Tea’ For Congestion And Cough


Mullein is a common weed notable all over the USA, frequently found along stretches of the highway, on the borders of woods and about the gravely sides of rail tracks. But this plant is a great deal more than a little beachfront greenery, as it holds the cures for several common conditions inside it its own fuzzy, light green leaves and yellow rosettes.

Originally used by the natives in several parts of the USA, this plant remains prescribed due to its proven, beneficial impacts on the respiratory system. Curing common ailments such as coughing, lung disease, respiratory constriction and chest colds, the mullein plant is truly a lung healing capsule.


  • 4-6 Young Mullein Leaves(Lamb’s Ears)
  • Milk
  • Teaspoon of sugar or honey per cup of tea made.


Boil the Mullein leaves in enough water to cover. Make sure you strain the liquid after boiling since the “hairs” on the leaves will lead to throat irritation. Add some milk and a teaspoon of sugar or honey to personal taste per cup of tea.

Note: Mullein is a pale green plant which is named Lamb’s Ears due to the form of the leaves being similar to that of the ears of a lamb and owing to this “fuzzy” feel of the leaves. Do not select large leaves of full grown plants or when the blossom appears.

Leaves should be chosen while the plant is under a foot tall. I don’t understand why. I never thought to ask.

Orgin of Recipe : Offered by Sharon (Da-Li) Jones … who learned this from my great grandpa.



  1. I have this plant growing in my flower bed and i am sick with sore throat and coughing and i sure am glad i came across this receipt because i am going to make me this tea maybe it will help . Feels like little solders marching around in my head , nose running feel like a 18 wheeler just ran over me thanks for knowing this.


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