What The First Letter Of Your Name Tells About Your Personality


Have you ever thought that you’d like to get a name? Maybe you think that you have the personality of a Amanda, but unfortunately, you are a Stephanie. Maybe you’ve said to somebody they didn’t seem like an Amanda.

This is because we’ve come to associate specific names with specific characteristics and characters. For instance, when we hear of a Gertrude, we immediately feel bored because a Gertrude does sound like a college marks name.

When you hear of Joshua, you envision an outgoing, popular guy in school. Our names all have something to do with our characters, and our parents would not have known what to name us according to our characters because we obviously had none. However, our name will not give an inkling into what our personalities are through the first letters.

You might take this with a pinch of salt, and that is fine, but it could be fun to see if your very own original letter matches your character and if it does, please let us know in the comments section. Listed below are the letters from A to Z.

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A stands for Action, and that’s what you’re all about. You are an action lady or woman. When you want something, you just don’t sit on your hands waiting for it to come to you, you go out there and get it done. You can’t stay idle you always have to be doing something. If you ever get on bed rest, your physician’s would have a hard time getting you to stay in bed. You love to move around exploring and having adventures, and that’s why you have a abundance of energy.


B is for being delightful. If the first letter of your name starts with an B, then you’re most likely beautiful. And as beautiful as the name is, you are also a lover of beautiful things. You are probably a fan of artwork. Everything that is beautiful resonates with your own heart from individuals to art to homes to nearly everything. Beauty is your turn on. You love presents because they usually look amazing all wrapped up and you love giving and receiving them as a indication of love and care. Your love for beauty has also lent you a very sentimental disposition.


C is about curiosity and imagination. They say that curiosity killed the cat but that doesn’t impact you and does it make you less curious. You cannot let a puzzle visit break without figuring it out, and a job as a detective would go well with your traits. Your creativity is just second to your fascination which is an awesome blend of features. Along with this, you also have a tight rein on your self, your subject and control is mythical, and you can give up something you enjoy if you had to. You’re an wonderful person.


D is for determination. You are filled with so much determination, and that should scare people because it means that you can achieve any goal that you have set out for yourself. You are full of integrity and would far prefer to work long and hard to achieve your goals than to following a shortcut and working far less like most other people.


E is for excitement. There’s never a dull moment with you around. You’re the person who is constantly making people laugh and grin. You like talking to people about things and find it very hard to pass onto a good argument. You have even been known to stoke the flames of an argument simply to have more fun.


F is for friendship. People whose first names start with F as the first letter of their names are very welcoming and friendly people. They have the gift of making people feel at home with them. They are very nice and welcoming. You would know them because they are usually the first friends you would make.


G is to get a go-getter, and that is that you are in case your first name starts from the correspondence G. Your go-getter trends are second only for your hard work and focus on details. You’d most probably be the one individual that submits the ideal work in college. You do whatever it takes to get to where you are going by good ways. You don’t care just how much work goes into getting your perfection; you put it in.


Having H as the first letter of your name shows a tendency to go for high dreams and hopes. You don’t settle for less when there is more to be gotten. You typically dream really big dreams, but then you also do achieve them because of your determination, hard work, and your fairy godmother.


If your name starts with an I, then you live in luxury and the very best that life has to offer. You see no need to suffer yourself when you could always take the easier way. Nothing makes you happier than showing yourself a good time, and this makes you always to look good and fresh. You love and crave attention. You want people to look up to you and to love you. However, you also enjoy learning through your partner. You are a pretty chill person.


J is for jumping. Well, not really jumping but for energy. You always feel energized and can do twice as much work as your friends and peers can do. You are also very fair in all your dealings regardless of who is involved. Deep inside of you, you appreciate alone time a lot, and you can mostly be seen taking a solitary walk or just sitting by yourself.


K is for a person who has a strength of character. You are very strong emotionally and would stand up to bullies. You always maintain a stoic, unflappable face even in the face of adversity. People see you as a hard to beat person, and one more thing about you is that you take your privacy very important. After all, you do need some time to recharge after standing up to the world.


L is for love. Yes, you are the fans of the planet. Don Juan and Casanova have nothing you. You’ve mastered the craft of Romance and have no qualms putting your understanding to practice. You do not just reside to show love to other people, but you also would like to be shown love and love.


M is for the mothering instinct. You have a soft heart with all the instincts of a mother. The love and the care is a part of your DNA, and your close friends and family always do appreciate you for taking care of them. You not only know how to love people like a mother does, but you also know how to carry out more than two tasks at the same time.


You might come across as being kind of quiet and shy, but deep down inside, you are just another hell-raiser. You also have a very computational mind that loves to analyze data carefully. You are known for giving really good advice to people because of your ability to look at a problem from every single angle, analyze it correctly and give great solutions.


O is for the person who sets his family above each other thing. You’re very rested, and you also make folks feel at home whenever they’re in your existence and because of this, they’d tell you their problems and struggles. You’re also very caring to your loved ones and are willing to artifice for them.


People who have P as the first letter of the names are happy people. They always do their best to make sure that they are happy and living peacefully. They are usually the ones that are called when there is a problem in the family that needs mediating.


For the people whose names begin with the letter Q, you are just like those with A as their first letters because of how less idle you can be. You enjoy being out there working. You don’t have a lazy bone in your body, and your zest for life makes you new friends. Everybody wants to associate with the hard working man. You are also a very friendly person who has a charm.


Those with R as the first letter are always serious people. They don’t have time for frivolity and would always be about business. They always get whatever they want out of life by sheer grits and hardworking. She is good though at working out issues with other people.


S is always about the business. They never combine business with pleasure, and it sucks. However, they also have rather a romantic side and don’t have any trouble being in a committed relationship.


You are a person who operates on reality. If you cannot see it, feel it and touch it, then you don’t believe it. You operate in cold hard facts and nothing more. You might act chauvinistic because you enjoy a traditional marriage setting where the role of the man is to provide for the family and the role of the woman to take care of the kids.


U stands for the ultimate man. You have everything that most people want in a person. You are kind and generous and caring not only with your friends and family but even with strangers. You don’t mind sacrificing for the needs of your friends.


V is for Vivacity. You, my dear friend, whose name starts with a V is a vivacious person. You live life on your own terms, and that is what everybody wants to do but can’t do, and so they admire you for your courage in living the life you want to live. You live for thrills and adventures.


W is an indicator of a willful attitude. You are very driven and are willing to work hard. You have a determination that is unshakeable and that alone drives you to reaching your goals. You don’t mind working hard to make it so far as you end up making it.


X is for Xcitement. You’ve got a enviable bubbly personality that is also infectious. You’re that really happy and a little loud tourist spots over everything you visit. You love new things, and experiences and you’re a very nice person to hang out with. Maybe that’s the reason you have so many friends.


You want to be the boss, and you should be because you have all the tendencies of a boss. You are very good at giving orders and leading people rightly. You have wonderful dreams for the people you lead, and you are good at being compassionate and firm. Your drive and ambition to make a difference is unrivaled. When you are on a project, it becomes a personal thing for you. It has to work, and you must see it to its completion. That makes you a great leader of people.


Z is for zeal. Your very infectious zeal for life is one thing that you can not forget about a person whose name starts with the letter. You somehow have the gods smiling down at you since you have the Devils own luck and that allows you constantly to land the juicy jobs. Everything appears to go smoothly for you. Things go in your favor, which could get a lot of mere mortals jealous.

I hope that you had fun trying to equip yourself and your friend’s personalities based on the first letter of the titles. Please tell us in the comment box when we got your character right. Have a very wonderful day.



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