Elder Speaks: 8 Native American Father Code And Ethics Every Dad Needs To Follow


A father is a person who takes responsibility for those children in his lifetime. Many guys develop without a positive, healthy role model of fatherhood.

It is often when men are holding their infant for the first time that they take a good hard look at exactly what it means to raise a kid.

source: Levi BlackWolf

– Provide the necessities of life: Most fathers need to provide for their kids. This includes things like a house, food and education. It also contains things like love, attention and security. Think of it as providing a safe place to grow. When their demands are met, children learn how to trust that their father has their best interests in mind in any way times.

– Spend time with your child: Children watch the best way to spend your time. They know about the things that matter most to you. When you spend time with your kids, they see they’re worthy of your time. This shows them they are significant to you. It is not only the total amount of time that you spend with them, it’s also the quality of the period. When spending time with your children, focus on your kids. Listen to your kids. Do things that interest them. Involve them in things you want to do. Go outside whenever possible.

– Show affection: Children will need to know they’re loved by their father. Your children will need to hear you say, “I love you.” Hug them frequently. You have to initiate affection with your children.

– Respect and honour the mother of your children: It is necessary that parents are on precisely the exact same page in regards to setting limits, discipline and roles in the household. Kids do well when they see their parents working together, whether they’re living together or not. Think about how you speak about and relate to the mother of your children.

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– Be a role model to build trust and security: Your children learn more from what they see you do than by what they hear you say. They’re watching the way you spend your free time, what your attitude is towards hard work, the way you speak about others, and how you handle your emotions (especially anger). Children bond with people they trust and respect.

– Remember that being a father is a life-long commitment: Your position as a father starts ahead of pregnancy and continues through your child’s whole life. As your child grows, your relationship will grow and shift. Children will need to understand that you will always be there and will always appreciate them.

– Share your traditions and your community: Your kids are going to feel more connected if they know about their community and their traditions. These will be a source of comfort and support when times are difficult. It helps them understand who they are, and to take pride.

– Teach your child: Children look to their father to teach them about life. A great way to do this is to find out about your own culture and heritage. Learn about your past and where you came out. Pass this along to your kids.



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