Happy Full Crow Moon: What You Need To Know About March’s Full Moon


The Full Worm Moon (or Full Crow Moon) will light up the skies now. It was also referred to as the Sap Moon, as it’s when the pine trees could be tapped to make syrup after a long winter of suspended sap.

Celtic people known as the March full moon that the “moon of winds.” And, according to “A Dictionary of the Choctaw Language” (published in 1915), the Choctaw people called it the “big famine” perhaps because it was the season when winter food stores would start to run low.

Because February just had 28 days, this year’s full moon carried over to March, confirming the March 31 full moon could be a “blue” one.

Happy Full Crow Moon What You Need To Know About March's Full Moon
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Here is what you want to understand about March’s forthcoming full moons that the “worm moon” and the “blue moon” that occur on March 1 and March 31, respectively. The March 1 moon was dubbed the “worm moon” from the Old Farmer’s Almanac from the 1930s because it’s a signal spring is finally arriving.

It had been called “worm moon” following “earthworm casts that appear as the ground thaws,” NASA wrote in a post on the internet.

The cawing of crows signaled the end of winter

Southerners are more likely to use the term due to they have plenty of earthworms, unlike the northern part of the U.S.

“When glaciers covered the northern part of North America they wiped out the native earthworms,” NASA clarified. “These glaciers melted about 12,000 years ago and the forests grew back without earthworms.”

While “worm moon” is the moon’s famous nickname, there are several different names for the past full moon of winter, including: the sugar moon, crow moon, crust moon and the corn moon.

Names Given to the Moon by Different Native American Tribes: Rain (Diegueno). Bud Moon (Kiowa). Eagle Moon,Rain Moon (Cree). Green Moon (Pima). Deer Moon (Natchez). Moon of Winds (Celtic). Lizard Moon (San Juan). Death Moon (Neo-Pagan). Wind Strong Moon (Taos). Amaolikkervik Moon(Inuit). Little Frog Moon (Omaha). Little Spring Moon (Creek). Crane Moon (Potawatomi). Long Days moon (Wishram). Big Famine Moon (Choctaw). Moose Hunter Moon (Abenali). Whispering Wind Moon (Hopi). Little Spring Moon (Muscokee). Fish Moon (Colonial American). Snow Sore Eyes Moon(Dakota). Catching Fish Moon (Agonquin). Snow Crust Moon (Anishnaabe). Spring Moon (Passamaquoddy). Much Lateness Moon (Mohawk). Chaste Moon (Medieval English). Buffalo Calf moon (Arapaho, Sioux). Seed (Dark Janic), Plow Moon (Full Janic). Strawberry, Windy Moon, Lenten Moon (Cherokee). Worm Moon, Sugar Moon, Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon. (Algonquin).

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