This Circle Test Will Tell A LOT About Your Personality


How you draw a circle on the triangle can reveal a great deal about your character. Amazed? Try it.

The triangle represents human beings and the circle represents how you conduct your own interactions with them.

This Circle Test Will Tell A LOT About Your Personality 1
source: themindsjournal

Circle within the triangle signifies you are a kind and warm-hearted person:

This means you are a warm-hearted and nurturing person. You’re always there to assist anyone who needs it. You get strangers with a grin. Your family and friends love you and rely on you a lot. As you drew the circle at the center, it means you’re surrounded by human beings.

You’re extremely social but you maintain your private life a personal affair. You have a close group with whom you share your life.

Circle on the top of the triangle signifies you are a calm and confident person:

Putting the ring on the top of the triangle suggests you are aware of the world around you. You are not extremely detached from the peers and you aren’t overly involved with them. You are focused and confident on your own work. You’re admired by many because of the interesting things you’re doing.

You do not always go around socializing or bonding with people every now and then. You understand your priorities. You do have quite a good number of followers!

Circle around the triangle represents you are a very protective person:

You are always there for people regardless of the length of time you understand them. From strangers for your nearest and dearest, you leap into helping them without thinking about the consequences. You’re like a protector to individuals around you. Folks come to you for advice and whenever they want everyone to talk to youpersonally, they always remember you. You are incredibly loyal and smarter than many others.

A semi-circle around the top of the triangle represents you are a very cheerful and supportive person:

You are the ultimate cheerleader! You constantly encourage others in whatever they’re doing. You truly feel happy when others succeed. The word ‘jealousy’ does not exist in your dictionary. You are positive and may even make gloomy situations brighter. You enhance others’ confidence and a great deal of people in town know you.



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