Ex-Bishop Claims Hell Was Invented By Church: Is This True?


Did the church invent the notion of Hell to control people with fear? An ex-bishop called John Spong says so. He is an ex-bishop of over 30 years who claims who was held a position at Harvard’s Divinity School. He claims that it was a control-tactic of this church to keep the population in check.This interview with him has went viral recently, receiving upwards of 8 million views on social networking.

source: commons.wikimedia

But is this true? As it happens, the notion of Hell actually predates Christianity by at least 1000 years in other cultures, therefore unless the church fathers had a time machine this would not make sense. In reality, John gives not one argument his position.In this video We’ll break his interview down point and see if his claim about Hell tests out:

Click To Watch: Ex-Bishop Claims Hell Was Invented By Church: Is This True?



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