Scientists Found That The Soul Doesn’t Die – It Goes Back To The Universe


It turns out that the human mind may be similar to a “biological computer,” and that human consciousness could be like a program which is run by a quantum computer inside the brain. What is even more astonishing is that after someone dies, “their soul comes back to the universe, and it does not die.”

This is according to American physicist Dr. Stuart Hameroff and mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose, the two of whom argue that the soul has been preserved in micro-tubules of brain cells. The two scientists refer to the procedure as “Orchestrated Objective Reduction,” or “Orch-OR.” Allegedly, when human beings are “clinically dead,” microtubules in the brain lose their quantum condition but are still able to keep the data inside of these.

source: irelease

This concept was recently outlined on The Science Channel’s continuing documentary show Through the Wormhole, in which Dr. Hameroff elaborates: “Let’s say the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing; the micro-tubules lose their quantum state. The quantum information within the micro-tubules is not destroyed, it can’t be destroyed, and it just distributes and dissipates to the universe at large.

If the patient is resuscitated, revived, this quantum information can go back into the micro-tubules and the patient says ‘I’d a near-death encounter.’

Hameroff’s words suggest that human souls are much more than mere “interactions” of neurons in the mind. Actually, this theory indicates that these “souls” might have existed since the very beginning of time.

With each one of the recent discoveries pertaining to dark energy and dark matter substances which individuals can’t see or interact with, but substances that we know exist, nevertheless this theory might end up explaining things which are even more mysterious and intriguing.




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