6 Signs That You Are An Angel On Earth And You Still Do Not Know


There are many things on the planet that we attempt to find an explanation but we’ve not yet discovered it, several of these have a very powerful religious character and therefore are that regardless of what scientists do, frequently don’t explain how miracles happen.

Miracles come and appear thanks in part to faith, the human perception there’s and with no this, we could observe how people begin to eliminate the way little by little, something that certainly makes us believe that there is something more than what we see what we could analyze.

6 Signs That You Are An Angel On Earth And You Still Do Not Know
source: inmymindtoday

You will find things like energy, values, and love, but there is another issue that arouses a lot of controversies and is the angel of the earth, now we abandon 6 hints that may indicate that you are among those angels and you’d no idea, Let’s see what they’re.

The signs that indicate that you are an angel.

You are very sensitive

Los Angeles have come to assist so it is normal to feel overwhelmed by all of the issues in the world, thus frustration and these matters are common. In addition, they do not like large crowds or noisy people, making angels vulnerable to hatred, and violence.

You love spending time alone

The angels of this earth like time alone since they recharge and rebalance the energies, to alter the world you have to change yourself, that is the thought.

You care about others

These angels depart everything to assist who needs it because they have suffered and do not need to see anybody else in the same.

You feel called to a purpose

You believe you should do something particular, mark your life and follow your own principles, you have a high attraction for humanitarian.

Great intuition

You use logic but your greatest weapon is intuition, you are feeling that the energies and you know when something is wrong or right, a totally heavenly gift.

You reject modern ideas

The rules established by the society are not your favorites, you consider we Are live happily and inequality since we are all human beings Regardless of where we come from the Colour of our skin.

Do you have any of these characteristics? You are probably an angel of the earth.



  1. Did not recognize until much later in life. Hane not told anyone, family will not understand. I don’t plan to change, but my heart and my being hurts to see a others I pain or disconfort. . This also applies where I live. Of course my family. I love gog, and knows he does the same. He’s not ready for me yet. I still have much to do now.

  2. I have known that I was not of this world since I was four years old. As an earth Angel, I can tell you that we choose to be here. There are two important reasons we are here. The first is to experience being fully human with all of its joys and its sufferings and learn. Second is to work for justice and equality for all with the gifts we are given. Most often we are blessed as two-spirit, as in my case. Over time, we intuitively see our place in serving others.


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