The Lie We Live! Everybody Should See This Video!


Freedom has been among the major awards for which man has fought throughout its presence. The power of decision is a fable that is presently owned only by people, its a free course will that gives us the capability to direct our future.

We are now subordinated by the financial power of great businesses that control nonrenewable resources of our entire world, a way to keep us controlled and manipulated under the nefarious capitalist markets.The real freedom today can only be drawn in human creativity. But the media inoculated information in our subconscious, which makes us believe that we’re masters of our activities.

If we lived in authentic liberty, we do not need to fulfill all everyday routines to which we’re exposed. Work or go to school is one of the most tedious actions that the human being experiences throughout its existence.

The Lie We Live! Everybody Should See This Video. I Am Speechless. Spread It!

The movie below will show illustrates to the chaos in which the humankind is, a dark tunnel that forecasts that we do not have a brilliant start below the sun, but rather the contrary, our future is as dark as night.

In this movie which is full of empty thoughts and unanswered questions although we boast of being an educated society, capitalist power is telling you exactly what to believe and how to behave, which has created an avalanche of chaos where they have gone hurt our surroundings, such as: plants and creatures.

We’re blind to the fluctuations, but obedient to requests. From the following link you will notice a brief which will reveal part of the dark truth of the individual being.

Click to WATCH: The Lie We Live! Everybody Should Watch This Video. I’m Speechless. Spread It!



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