Incredible! Idaho Boy Says Angels Helped Him Save His Dad After A Car Fell On Him


8 year old J.T. Parker says “angels” must’ve helped him save his dad’s life, and his mother agrees there’s no other earthly explanation for what transpired. J.T.’s mother Jodi said “This whole thing is a miracle. There’s no other way to describe it. I just felt that it was a responsibility we now have to tell people that miracles still exist.”

What the 50 pound boy did was lift a 6,000 pound car off his dad and save his life. They tried to replicate the effort, but he couldn’t come near. He was honored in an occasion as among many Idaho “Real Heroes” by the American Red Cross. He also received a rousing ovation for his activities when his name was called.

The miracle came back in July when J.T. along with his 17 year old brother Mason were serving their daddy Stephen Parker work on a Prius, when the jack holding up the vehicle suddenly gave way, causing it to collapse right on top of Stephen. Mason had just gone inside to tend to a cut, leaving J.T. because the only remaining lifeline for daddy.

The pain has been devastating which makes it hard for Stephen to breathe. He urged J.T. to get on the port and lift the car up, but it simply wasn’t happening. Stephen and elderly son Mason needed to lift the car to have it set at the first place, and it was a job for the both of these to make it lifted. It appeared there was little to no expectation.

J.T. was not going to quit, however. He went to work, climbing and leaping that jack. But some way it functioned. This went on for 15 painful minutes. He jumped and jumped and jumped, and little by little, the car began to grow from his smashed dad. Dad does not remember much of the episode, as he passed out.

Incredibly, after all that time trapped beneath the weight of a car, he only suffered a few broken ribs and not other internal damage. He was dwelling in two weeks. Mother and dad later requested the boy to replicate the effort on precisely the exact same car he didn’t even come near. How was he able to lift your vehicle?

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