Danny Trejo The Famous Native American Actor


Danny Trejo was born Dan Trejo in Echo Park, Los Angeles, to Alice (Rivera) and Dan Trejo, a construction worker… together with his intimidating, tattooed, muscle-bound appearance, character actor Danny Trejo has formed a successful career as the most bizarre tough case over his curious and enduring cinematic profession.

Beating the probability of repeat offender syndrome after being discharged from prison, Trejo has climbed through the ranks to locate himself in high demand as an actor, and has even expanded his abilities to include a producer credit to his resumé.

Danny Trejo The Famous Native American Actor
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His life story is simply about as pristine an instance of rehabilitation as one can ask for.Raised in the mean streets of East L.A., Trejo spent a number of the ancient years incarcerated in these epic prisons as Folsom and San Quentin on medication and robbery convictions.

Channeling his intense energy into the boxing ring and winning numerous lightweight and welterweight titles, Trejo was released as a new man after completing a life-changing 12-step rehabilitation program to overcome his dependence. Implementing the ideas that altered his life in an effort to assist others headed down a similar path, upon launch Trejo became involved in numerous rehabilitation and counselling programs.

A chance meeting with a young guy who asked for his service in a Cocaine Anonymous meeting in 1985 after found the sympathetic ex-con fulfilling the struggling addict on the group of Runaway Train, also Trejo was quickly offered a role as a convict presumably based on his threatening appearance.

Danny Trejo The Famous Native American Actor 2
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Chance piled upon chance found an older prison buddy/screenwriter who remembered Trejo’s hard-hitting boxing skills on the same set, and Trejo was then offered a opportunity to train Eric Roberts for a movie, and was eventually offered the role because his opponent in the ring.

The Rodriguez-Trejo twosome found that the actor taking on the part of Uncle Isadore “Machete” Cortez from the manager’s 2001 smash hit Spy Kids, and was later cast in both the movie’s movie and Rodriguez’s Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2002). Trejo continued to work steadily on the big and small screens in a variety of jobs such as Alias, Monk, The Devil’s Rejects, Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror, the indie play SherryBaby, and Smiley Face.

He enjoyed among his infrequent big-screen starring vehicles when Robert Rodriguez made Machete a feature length variant of the trailer that he created for Grindhouse in 2007.



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