Diabetics, This Is The Only Blood Sugar Chart You’ll Ever Need


Tracking blood glucose is vital for anyone struggling with diabetes, even when you’re already after these 7 habits to maintain wholesome blood glucose levels. Because your target blood glucoseaka sugar levels change throughout the day, it’s important to remember exactly what those goals should be. Use this blood sugar chart as a healthy-level reference for when you wake up, before and after meals, and at bedtime.

Fasting or before meal glucose: 90–130 mg/dl

After-meal glucose: (two hours after the start of your meal) >180 mg/dl

Bedtime glucose: 100–140 mg/dl

A different way to get a read on your blood glucose is through the A1C test it allows you to know where your glucose levels have been on average, over the previous three months or so. How does it do this? A1C is a protein in red blood cells, also it interacts together with sugar.

Since these red blood cells have a life span of about three to four months, the amount of blood sugar A1C hastens can show the long-term typical of your sugar levels. You are able to interpret the A1C percentage into a formula you’re more comfortable with using the blood glucose levels below with this blood sugar chart.

Diabetics, This Is The Only Blood Sugar Chart You’ll Ever Need1
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