Native Legend Describes Where Our Soul Goes When We Dream


The Native Americans paid a lot of focus on dreaming, it’s always been an essential part of their heritage and spiritual training. Since the early ages they taught children how to recall their dreams so they may be interpreted later and provide guidance in life. Does it come with us to the dream world or stays behind in our entire body while our mind roams through the dreamland?

In order to answer these questions we have to first understand the Native Americans think we have more than 1 soul, three of these to be accurate. The first is that the ego-soul, which can be embodied in the breath, the next is that the body-soul, which provides the body energy and life force throughout the waking state and then we’ve got the free-soul and this is the soul which renders the body through dreams and trances.

Native Legend Describes Where Our Soul Goes When We Dream
source: consciousreminder

This means that according to their own belief, one portion of our soul, the free-soul, investigates the dream kingdom alongside the brain, whereas the other two aspects stay connected to the body.

The Dream World

The Fantasy Planet is equally important as the physical world into the Native Americans. They think that our body and mind don’t dream anything. Here’s how Chippewa elder John Thunderbird explains this phenomenon:

“Your soul dreams those dreams; not your body, not your mind. The soul travels all over the world when you dream.”

According to them, part of our soul disconnects out of our own body and extends into the fantasy realm where it can communicate with other spirits, animals and humans alike. To these, the dream world is just as real as the physical universe and ought to be regarded as such.

It is by experiencing the realness of this fantasy world that we love the dream-ness of the actual world. The Native Americans see life as one big dream and it is through dreaming we remember how impermanent this world really is. They believe that there’s no difference in value between the dream world and waking life.

They even believed that what happens in the dream world can have consequences in the waking life, so if someone got injured in their fantasies they’d receive therapy when thy wake up. We all have spirit guides which communicate with us during our dreams, we simply need to understand how to interpret the signals.

Native Americans have the clinic to speak to their Elders when they wake up from a dream journey and tell them about their dreams so that they can help interpret them. In this manner they could understand what their soul guides are trying to say and understand their message.

As we seek professional help once we encounter a problem in real life, Native Americans seek expert help with the things they encounter in the dream world.

Looking at dreams in a new light

After every dream we’ve, the most deep ones we never look back and think about them. Unlike us, for the Native Americans everything that takes place in the fantasy world is equally as important as waking life. Moreover, they even believe that dreams are more important sometimes because it’s every time a portion of your soul receives religious advice, gains insights into the near future, and joins with its own Spirit guide.

The dream world is much more than just a place where we go when we dream. It is an astral plane where our spirits travel each night for self-exploration and expansion. Dreams are no joke, and shouldn’t to be dismissed. It is the only location where our spirit guides may communicate with us and receive instructions for the future.

Back to the first question, where do our spirits go when we dream? As we already mentioned, a component of our soul goes to the dream world to receive advice from our spirit guides while both of the other parts stay in our body. This means that you shouldn’t take your fantasies so softly and you should pay attention to them longer. Attempt to interpret them and understand what they mean if you would like a happier and fulfilled lifestyle. They may also offer answers to questions you have been asking yourself.



  1. I find I have some of the most interesting and sometimes bizarre dreams. I have had several lately that have left me feeling uplifted and hopeful, and I DO FEEL as if I have received guidance from some heavenly source or spirit. I have reconnected with persons who have passed on; people who made me hopeful and encouraged me through dark times. I have encountered creatures that have changed colors and actually sparkled. In one such dream, the colors were far more vibrant, and the smells were richer as well. I find my dream world much more appealing and far less appalling than my waking world. There is often much less evil and more compassion and understanding there. I find great comfort most time in my dream state. I am grateful for this enlightenment about the belief of 3 souls instead of just one. I have often wondered how God would judge us in our dream state, since we have far less control there than in our waking state of being. Thank you for this new revelation.

  2. I have had dreams in which I fly and go to unknown places and meet unknown people who advise and help me. I figured sometimes out where it was and took a plane to the place and indeed like a miracle I got the help I needed.


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