Should Homeless Vets Receive Government Housing Before Refugees?


Liberals wish to force America to take in refugees and supply food and clothing for them while the very men and women who fought for our nation and freedom literally freeze to death outside. Why do liberals hate our veterans so far? It doesn’t make sense that we should give a lot to people who are not taxpayers, and oftentimes do not respect the values we hold as Americans, although we have many homeless and hungry veterans who need our help.

Here is a story about how bad things have gotten to veterans. This occurs in Sweden, but it might also be in our own backyards. But during precisely the same time period this family was getting free home, a displaced British vet sentenced to death.

Should Homeless Vets Receive Government Housing Before Refugees
source: anitafinlay

The European “humanitarian superpower” Sweden does its best to please Muslim asylum seekers, by providing them with both food, clothing and shelter, but it seems the nation’s own ethnic citizens needing are of less importance and abandoned.

Sture, a homeless guy in his 60s was found dead early Wednesday morning away from the hospital at Nynashamn. Sture had sought refuge in the cold in Nynäshamns hospital at evening. However he was not allowed to stay there.

A safety guard pulled out him, and with no supplies of housing from the municipality, and out of options, he had been made to spend the night in a bus stop outside the hospital. Of course in Nynäshamnsposten the post about Sture’s death shortly became only a note, but Swedish alternative media awakened his story. Sture was a guy who’s described as a fantastic employee throughout his life, including in the armed forces and also at a nursing home.

This is indeed sad, but it doesn’t need to be this way. President Obama could not have cared less about our specialists, but luckily he’s gone and so are his much left policies.

President Trump is standing up for veterans and their families. Let’s make sure we take a stand with him and do whatever we can to assist our brave veterans like they deserve.

Should homeless veterans get government home before refugees?

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  1. We do owe them so much. I’m sure there are places they can get some help from. The pictures all tugged at my heart, for them. I don’t like to see people who will be out begging for food or money, and be smoking. From what I’ve observed, cigarettes have been going up. Up, up. You could surely buy a hamburger, for what a pack of cigarettes cost now days. The ones, who may have been left crippled in mind or body, I would think there are places for those ills, to get help. Or I hope so. There are jobs for the able bodied, which could also help you get your mine off the war.


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