Does The Strange Case Of The Pollock Twins Prove Reincarnation Is Real?


Reincarnation or transmigration is the belief that a being may start over in a new life and body as soon as they’ve passed away. Spiritually, it represents an integral region of the philosophy of cyclic existence that is central to major Indian religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism.

As a result, people around the world believe they’ll proceed into another life after death one whose grade is going to be dependent on their activities in the prior one. Proving this tenet can be quite difficult because there’s absolutely no clear scientific basis for living death. However, certain cases like the Pollock twins may make the hardest sceptics question their decision.

Does The Strange Case Of The Pollock Twins Prove Reincarnation Is Real 3
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A Broken Family

In 1957, the Pollock family of the town of Hexam at Northumberland, England was living an perfect life. Then, one spring day, both daughters and a mutual friend were tragically murdered on the road to church when a motorist lost control of his car and crashed into them. Although they all died instantly, dad and mother Florence and John Pollock were stricken by the loss of 11 year old Joanna and 6 year old Jacqueline, and their picture perfect, Catholic family was torn apart.

Following a year of praying and hoping for another kid, Florence became pregnant. John, meanwhile, became convinced that they’d have a pair of twins that would be Jacqueline and Joanna reincarnated. Though their doctor said it couldn’t be twins, Florence gave birth to Jennifer and Gillian on the 4th of October, 1958.

Does The Strange Case Of The Pollock Twins Prove Reincarnation Is Real 2
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Born Again

Right away, the Pollocks noticed the younger Jennifer needed a white line across her brow in which the late Jacqueline had a scar in the cycling injury. She also had the same birthmark on her leg which her deceased sister’d had. The family moved to Whitley Bay if they were three months old, andalso a few years after, the twins began asking for their wives’ toys by name.

Then, after returning to Hexam when they were 4, Jennifer and Gillian managed to name every single doll, stuffed animal, and other toys that their sisters had owned. They also pointed out landmarks they couldn’t possibly know. In particular, they believed that they had attended the school where their sisters were moving when they expired.

Does The Strange Case Of The Pollock Twins Prove Reincarnation Is Real
source: onedio

The Dead Returned

Though their activities seemed odd, they were nothing compared to what was to come. Florence began noticing that Jennifer and Gillian would often play strange, dark games. One included the younger sister lying around the floor with her head to Gillian’s lap while she clarified that there was blood coming from her eyes in the car killing them. A couple of months afterwards, the women began bursting into a frenzy when they walked past a parked car with a running engine.

They’d even shout that the automobile was coming to get them. So it was they came to the focus of paranormal psychologist Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia, who studied the Pollocks from 1964 to 1985. Based on the markings and memories, Stevenson reasoned that the twins were indeed the sisters reincarnated. He specifically noted that they had even taken on the personalities of their deceased sisters, using Jennifer co-dependent upon her sister in the exact same manner that Jacqueline was on Joanna.

Despite Stevenson’s confidence in the girls, a few decades later when they switched 5, the memories vanished. In the long run, both girls went on to reside perfectly ordinary lives. Stevenson went on to research over 2500 case studies in the next 40 years and to release 12 books documenting cases of reincarnation. Even with all his research, however, reincarnation remains a contentious subject, particularly with cases such as this of the Pollocks in which the memories faded even in case the scars didn’t.



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