29 Signs You Are A Healer Or Have Healing Abilities


When I first began developing my gifts of shamanism, it was since I had learned in reading given by my sister, I had the talent to heal other people. I was told this was actually the familial, ancestral present of shamanism that was passed down to me.It’s hard to say what would or could have occurred if I had not received this information in the specific time which I did, however one thing is sure, the present was evident and present through many signs and clues existent in my life.

If you’re a healer, chances are you will find signs, signals, and clues all around you. The important thing is knowing where to look.You don’t have to know a medium or see an intuitive reader of any sort to know you own a recovery gift.All you need to do is look in your life.

29 Signs You Are A Healer Or Have Healing Abilities
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29 Signs that You’re a Healer

– You feel extreme empathy, often feeling emotions and experiences as physical sensations of pain and hurt
– You’re often told it’s soothing to be around you
– Those around you rarely get sick
– You have now or have ever been diagnosed with anxiety or panic disorders
– You have now or have ever been diagnosed with any mood disorder
– You think of solutions for others to make their lives better
– You have a strong desire to help others, even at a loss of your own resources or needs
– You’re already in a traditional healing field – medical workers, massage therapists, chiropractors, guidance counselors, physical therapists, veterinarians or vet techs, and more.
– You have a history of healers in your family. Your parents, siblings, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. are or were engaged in healing based professions – medical, touch, spoken, or otherwise.
– You frequently experience heightened awareness in public places – difficulty breathing or nervous butterflies
– You walk into a room and can immediately tell if there’s been a fight or a disagreement before you arrived
– You’re the person people turn to for comfort, problem solving, and kind words during difficult times. . . and you always help
– You find yourself feeling like problems of others are dumped on you for fixing.
– You’re frequently drained at the end of the day, especially on days involving large amounts of social interacting
– You’ve noticed that you have special touch with animals
– Small children and animals are often drawn to you, even when they’re shy around others
– Complete strangers spill their life stories to you without asking
– People ask you for back and shoulder rubs, or back scratches and you’re known for being good at them
– You like to ensure people feel comfortable when they’re visiting your home or space
– You often feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you’ve agreed to help others with
– You regularly experience shoulder and neck pain
– Your friends and coworkers often come to you for your trusted opinion on potential romantic prospects or new job hires
– Your preferred method of exercise is based in the outdoors – going on a walk, a jog, or doing yoga in nature while breathing fresh air is both stimulating and relaxing to you
– You have an interest in Spiritual based healing methods – energy healing, reiki, shamanism, or otherwise
– Your hands and palms often feel tingly – pins and needles, buzzing, throbbing, vibrating, or pulsating
– You’re attracted to crystals for their beauty and potential healing properties.
– You seek natural based healing methods, as alternatives to westernized medicine
– You experience frequent headaches or digestive issues
– You’re reading this list right now

29 Signs You Are A Healer Or Have Healing Abilities
source: the-master-minds

How many are you able to check off?

What you do with this info is completely your own choice. You might decide to use it in order to pursue a recovery based career, to create your skills to heal yourself and others, as a validation to understand that what you are experiencing is something special, or a blend of all of the above.

29 Signs You Are A Healer Or Have Healing Abilities
source: eyeem


  1. I was able to check off between 15 to 20 of these signs. It actually caused my hair to rise on the back of my neck a little when I read through the list and noticed I shared so many of these traits. This would be another case of a new revelation, although I’ve always known that I had an empathetic side to myself, I had never actually thought of myself as a healer. I DID know that I had 2-3 spiritual gifts but had not included “healer” as one of them until now. This has brought a clearer understanding of myself to me, and I may be better able to accept my tendencies to go out of my way for others……..which has frequently annoyed me with myself in the past. Perhaps I will be more tolerant of these tendencies now that I understand where they come from.

  2. I checked most of them. I’ve always been different according to my family. I run to the most unusual people with love since I was one and a half years of age, my Dad said it was so unusual, I don’t know why. Yes, I ended up an R.N. with no medical people in my family. I can enter a place an immediately tell right or wrong is there. I have never felt I was different.


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